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Guam Nationals 2014 2013

2013 Guam Nationals

October 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The 2013 Guam Nationals finally ended with a high note! Alot of Athletes are either pigging out or hungry to compete again. Many of them are back in the gym hoping to get bigger and better this time. 

 It is tragic to see a bodybuilder who has trained and dieted consistently in a ripped and vascular condition on Friday only to have the same competitor come in flat and smooth on Saturday. Just about every bodybuilder has experienced this at one point, even experienced pros.

The key is to experiment with what works for you. Practice peaking early. The earlier you start the better if you are planning on hitting the Guam National stage again next year.

As for me, I'm also relief as taking photos was a very stressing experience this year. I thank everyone who took the initiative to message me, and how much you loved the photos. I'm glad I was training consistently at the gym or I might have not lasted taking photos for 5+ hours. When it comes to taking photos for this kind of event you really got to be fit.  My legs felt like I was squating for hours. The following day my legs and thighs were in pain for almost 3 days. It was good pain though. That being said, all that sacrifice paid off. I was happy with the end results. 


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